Christian devotions in the Daily-Message

Christian devotions in the Daily-Message


Ecclesiastes 3

How do you spend your time?
When I calculate how many hours I work (ok, perhaps that is my own fault...), when I add the hours I sleep every night, and then add shopping, eating, tidying, cleaning... yes, not much time remains.
Ok, all these things are necessary to live. But, we are doing something wrong when there is no time left to live.
Because to live, you still need time to plant,... a time to heal,... a time to dance,... a time to embrace,... a time to keep,... a time to be silent,... a time to speak,... a time to love,... a time of peace. (from Ecclesiastes 3)
The work, the effort and the battle are all necessary. Necessary, so that you will also have time and opportunity for the other things in life.
When I don't have time left for myself, my friends and for God, I am actually robbing God of the time that He gave me.
Every day that I did not make time for myself, that I didn't make time to love and to pray, is a lost day.
When God created people He didn't plan for us to work. We were destined only to live and experience the joy of life itself. What do we have of that life God had planned for us when we just want to work for the sake of working? Certainly no meaningful life...
How do you intend spending your time today?

(Translated by Linda Gates)


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