Christian devotions in the Daily-Message

Christian devotions in the Daily-Message

Daisy love....


Dearly beloved

I am sure you know the “He loves me, he loves me not...” that we played as children as we picked one petal after the other off of a daisy, whilst we floundered between “hope and fear” as to the outcome of the final answer.

We know, in accordance with the Bible, that God loves us unconditionally, but don't you also experience such moments when you are painfully confronted with your own shortcomings and you can't bear to face yourself? I know this, and then I question: does HE love me or not?

Do You love me LORD, when I am unfaithful to you?
Do You love me LORD, when I deny You in word and deed?
Do You love me LORD, when I doubt that You mean well with me?
Do You love me LORD, when I neglect You and go my own way because I think I know better?
Do You love me LORD, when I show no love towards others?
Do You love me LORD, when I can't tame my tongue and say words which don't honour You?
Do You love me LORD, when I lose patience and act unreasonable or think unreasonable thoughts?
Do You love me LORD, when I don't use the multiple daily opportunities and neglect to be the salt and the light for You?

I think, every one of us can add many more questions to this list. Especially then when we face the truth about ourselves: DO YOU LOVE ME LORD...?

I then feel like Jesus Himself is saying to me: “My beloved child, when will you comprehend, that My love for you is not conditional to what you do or when you do it? My love is complete and larger than your shortcomings. My love is deeper than your superficialities. My love is faithful and overcomes all your denials and doubts. My love for you sent me to the cross to show you once and for all into all eternity that you are loved. Unconditionally and completely loved!”

And speechless we stand before HIM hardly able to fathom that HE, as He did with Peter after His greatest failure, stretches out His hand towards us and asks: “Do you love Me...?” It touches me, that HE, does not look at our “good deeds” nor what we “represent”, HE looks deep into our hearts, and only wants one thing from us, namely that we entrust our hearts fully to HIM.

HE is also asking you today: Do you love Me...? How will you answer HIM...?

Remain blessed in all you do.

(Translated by Linda Gates)


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This devotion is also available in Afrikaans: Madeliefie liefde..
Zur deutschen Originalversion: Gänseblümchenliebe..

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