Christian devotions in the Daily-Message

Christian devotions in the Daily-Message

Make high the door

Make high the door, open the gate wide! Here comes the Lord of glory, a King of all kingdoms, a Saviour of the whole world, Who brings salvation and life with Him, therefore shout, sing with joy: “Blessed be my God, my Creator rich in guidance!”

Georg Weissel (1590-1635)

Most likely hardly any of us know the name Georg Weissel – however still today his song is familiar to nearly every child.

Make high the door, open the gate wide!
Advent means “Arrival”. In this time, we want to prepare for the arrival of Jesus, at His birth in the stable in Bethlehem. We want to open our hearts and our doors, so that He can enter into our lives and into our hearts.

Here comes the Lord of glory
A little child in swaddling clothes lying in the manger – and yet the Lord of heavenly glory! Only through Him do we enter into the joy of heavenly glory one day. He will one day open the door for us.

A King of all kingdoms
He is the Lord here and there. Satan is defeated, even here and now Jesus is already King of the world. Although many still put their belief in the defeated, since the crucifixion and resurrection, we have our eternal King, with whom we will one day rule the world.

A Saviour of the whole world
He is the Saviour, Who brought us salvation. Not only we, but every person who accepts Him can receive salvation. He died for the sins of the whole world.

Who brings salvation and life with Him
He did not only bring salvation, but also brought us a meaningful life here on the earth upon which we still live. And He is also the one Who brings us eternal life in God's glory. Only with Him do we have true life.

Therefore shout, sing with joy
Yes, this is a reason to rejoice, to shout and sing. We are no longer lost, what better can happen to us? Who can remain seated in his corner, without raising his voice?

Blessed be my God, my Creator rich in guidance!
So let's praise God, Who created us and shows us, through His guidance, the way into eternal glory!

We prepare, during the Advent, not only for the birth of a little child – it is so much more. Advent is the arrival of God's grace and glory in our lives and in the entire world. Advent is the arrival of that which bind us to God, which renews and forever establishes the covenant of God with people.

Are you ready to follow this new path?

I wish you a blessed day during this Advent time.

(Translated by Linda Gates)


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This devotion is also available in Afrikaans: Maak die deur hoog
Zur deutschen Originalversion: Macht hoch die Tür

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