Christian devotions in the Daily-Message

Christian devotions in the Daily-Message

Egon - and the winter shall come...

“For He saith to the snow, Be thou on the earth; likewise to the small rain, and to the great rain of his strength.”

Job 37:6

“Tell me grandpa, was there also such snow chaos and slippery ice in your day?” - “Yes, we called it winter...”

As I was driving home from work, I heard the weather report saying that low “Egon” will bring storms and heavy snowfall to the West of Germany on Friday. Up to 30 cm will fall in a short period of time. It will commence tonight. I'm curious to see what the streets will look like again tomorrow. Set my alarm clock 1,5 hours earlier to be up in time in order to get to work timeously.

This weather reminds me of how our lives often are. First everything is ok, we have no problems we are just happy. But, then a storm approaches. Everything which was peaceful and calm, is suddenly in a turmoil. Everything that is not nailed down is blown away, slips out of our hands, we don't have control over the situation any more. And when it still starts snowing as well...

Often it only takes a few single snowdrops to cause fear in the first driver. He starts driving at such a snail's-pace, bringing all traffic to a standstill. This is the way it is with some in life. The smallest things cause some to experience great fear. We then ask ourselves: What all could happen? And although hardly anything is wrong, we remain frozen to the spot and can't proceed with our lives. That we are thereby also blocking everyone around us, we accept, because we allow our fears to overcome us.

When it then really starts snowing heavily, it is important that the car has good winter tyres. We are able to prepare ourselves for many problems when we don't just live for today and allow “fate” to take its course. At the latest, when we are stuck in snow, we realize our mistakes. It is too late for someone who has already fallen into a ditch to buy winter tyres, when we are overcome by depression, the only solution is the tow-away truck, namely anti-depressants. It can't make us better, it doesn't bring us to our goal, it only lifts us out of the ditch.

And even if we are prepared, if we have the correct tyres on our car, we sometimes don't progress, because others block our way with their problems. We can help some to move forwards, however our way is still delayed. It is certainly good to assist others with their problems, however it also hinders us when their problems are pointless.

How is your faith? There are always times in which a few flakes of snow called doubt falls. How do you then continue with your life? Have you built a good foundation? How intimate is your relationship with God? Are you able to overcome a phase of doubt or do you fall directly into the ditch of unbelief?

True faith can carry us through all storms. We don't deviate from the way if we have Jesus beside us. We continue straight ahead towards our goal.

I wish you a good day, regardless of weather conditions by you. Be blessed on your way.

(Translated by Linda Gates)


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