Christian devotions in the Daily-Message

Christian devotions in the Daily-Message

Long-distance relationship

“Am I a God at hand, saith the Lord, and not a God afar off?”

Jeremiah 23:23

What would it be like to experience Jesus live? If He came today rather than 2000 years ago? We read the old stories and sometimes find ourselves yearning to meet Jesus and God personally.

I recently wrote that the relationship to God is very similar to the relationship with a partner. But, also in secular life, relationships sometimes start as long-distance relationships. Especially when you have met someone on the internet or maybe on holiday and don't necessarily live close to each other.

Sometimes there are great distances to overcome, and you only meet in person now and then. In the meantime, there is the telephone, email or WhatsApp to alleviate those times when you are not able to be together in person.

Sometimes such a long distance relationship is difficult, sometimes we curse the distance. Yet, sometimes the distance can also be beneficial. Especially, if we have had bad experiences, when we have put up walls around us and when the fear within is considerable. If someone suddenly stands in the centre of our lives, it can be quite difficult. Then a slower and more cautious process is beneficial.

So it is also with our lives with God. All of us have experienced affliction, fear and also guilt and sin which hinders us from living a life of freedom. To come into God's direct presence with this can overwhelm us. We must allow God to work on us, some only require little time and others need longer. With our first “yes” to God all our sins are forgiven, however it takes more work on us for us to become true followers. There is so much in our lives which require work, even when God loves us with our many flaws.

Even though we can love Him so, are we able to also allow His love for us? Our fears and hurts must first slowly and cautiously be healed, before we can stand in this great love.

God may not have an email account, however we are able to speak to Him, read about Him and write to Him. Slowly yet surely we draw closer to His love through our prayer- life. Very gently and with love, He shows us how we can become, until one day we find ourselves standing totally in His Light and in His Presence.

A long-distance relationship does not have to remain long-distance forever. The goal is to be together one day.

I wish you a blessed day in God's love.

(Translated by Linda Gates)


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